The collection

FLORITA’s first collection is sold in two different groups named after the beach posts - POSTO 12 (Bandeau style bikinis) and POSTO 7 (String bikinis)


 We care about quality and our beautiful planet and that’s why each thread is organic and biodegradable.


Some of the designs feature semi-precious Brazilian stones which have healing properties. When the stones are in contact with the sunlight and our bodies they are especially powerful.


Semi-precious stones that are featured in our debut collection

Rose Quartz

For many years, this stone has been known as the stone of love and the heart. The Greeks and Romans believed the Gods of Love brought this stone to the earth to celebrate unity and compassion.


Black Obsidian

This is an extremely protecting stone (especially for sensitive people) and helps to shield against negativity. The Black Obsidian was used by American Indian who believed in their powers to sharpen your inner and outer visions.


Green Quartz

In old Tibet, was used to stimulate creativity and better the perception.
In ancient Greece, it was used for courage and optimism.



Known as “The stone of the Amazon”. It’s one of the Indians most sacred stones. Represents the balance between feminine and masculine energies.


Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye is a gem that helps us with the connection between our spiritual energy and the Earth.
Since ancient times, this super powerful stone was used to ward off negative energy and protect its wearer.