Florita Beachwear creates sustainable swimwear, ethically produced under Fair Trade working conditions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our eco-friendly bikinis and cangas encourage conscious consumption, by bringing awareness to the plastic pollution that is threatening the beauty of our beaches and oceans.

At Florita Beachwear the preservation of our oceans and the wildlife that depend on them is one of our main concerns and the driving force behind our ethical and environmental production procedures in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Every year more than 8,000,000 tonnes of plastic waste leaks into our oceans and breaks down into tiny invisible pieces that pose a huge threat to marine and human life. The United Nations have estimated that there is 500 times more microplastic in the oceans today than the number of stars in our galaxy, an unfathomable statistic.  



With almost 8 km of water surrounding it, Rio is the largest coastal city in Brazil and is famous for its natural tropical beauty. In the late 1960’s locals would flock to Baia da Guanabara to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, but what used to be a beautiful beach has now been ruined by pollution. It’s our belief that caring for such a natural wonder should be everyone’s priority and a goal shared by all. 

With our eco-conscious and sustainable beachwear, our mission is to help reduce the amount of plastic waste being thrown into the oceans and in doing so help to preserve our coastline and natural heritage. 

Our swimwear is produced with certified biodegradable fabrics and our printing methods are eco-friendly, using recycled water and water based dyes. Our cangas are made from silk and recycled PET ​bottles and all of our packaging is also recycled PET.



We are proud that all of our designs are manufactured in Rio de Janeiro using ethical sourcing and production practices. Contributing to the community through job opportunities is also fundamental to our ethos, as well as getting to know the people who are making our products and showing them the respect they deserve.   

 Florita aims to fulfill our mission by always being grateful for what the earth gives us, contributing to the management of environmental issues in Rio de Janeiro ​and​ doing everything we can to cause no further harm to the planet.