To create our first collection, ‘POSTO’ Florita went all the way back to it's roots, after finding it's true self. There, the brand reclaimed the word “POSTO” which in the Carioca dictionary means the stop that marks each beach in Rio de Janeiro.

It’s a part of our everyday vocabulary and lives.POSTO is one of the strongest symbols of the city, it stands understatedly under the boiling sun witnessing the struggles and resolutions of people’s daily routines.

Collection I mirrors what it means to be a true Carioca, body and soul.




Creative Director: Julia Almeida-Bailey

Photographer: Arthur Oliveira

Beauty Artist: Artur Figueiredo

Florita : Aisha Mbikila




JONGO is the rhythm that originated samba, brought to Brazil by the slaves. In collection II JONGO represents the Brazilian joy of living.

Every bit of resilience and power of reinventing oneself without losing joy, that is so innate to Brazilian people, is what inspired us to make this collection.

For JONGO, Florita reused materials from collection I to help reduce pollution and waste, save energy and stay true to our ethics. The brand also started working with a group of talented artisans from low income areas in Rio, looking to produce ethically.




Creative Director: Julia Almeida-Bailey

Photographer: Arthur Oliveira

Stylist: Yan Acioli

Beauty Artist: Artur Figueiredo

Florita’s : Mayra Sallie & Julia Esther

Props: Cris Mux

Production: Two Palms Productions