Sustainable Fashion: How Biodegradable Yarns work

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FLORITA BEACHWEAR is proud to be part of a generation of brands taking significant steps toward a more responsible and conscious industry.

We work with recycled PET bottles, and our swimwear is up to 90% biodegradable and ethically made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We use water-based dying methods for all of our products, including our silk sarongs.

How exactly do biodegradable yarns work?


Synthetic yarns leave a permanent and toxic trail all the way from production to disposal. Clothes made with this kind of fiber will gradually release microplastic into nature, even before it goes to waste, just by doing laundry for example.

Our pieces are produced with the most advanced biodegradable yarn technology in the field: Amni Soul Eco® which is 100% non-toxic for our planet and it will decompose into organic matter in just 5 years after hitting the landfills.

This is only possible since the biodegradable yarns allow the bacteria that is present in landfills, to break it down into biomass and in result, it is harmlessly returned to nature.

So you can rest assured that your FLORITA swimwear is not only soft, comfortable, resistant, and with protection against UV-A and UV-B rays but also safe to our environment.



Leblon Swimsuit

Our chic reversible Jongo print high-leg swimsuit with shoulder-tie straps and semi precious stones. Made of biodegradable yarns, it is just the perfect sustainable fashion piece of swimwear.

Posto 12 Bikini

An effortlessly cool reversible triangle bikini made of biodegradable yarns, with adjustable straps, lobster claw and precious stones detail.

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